Our next litter is due August 2024 and ready November 2024. Deposit welcome for waiting list.

2024 Litter Sire & Dam
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Each of our kittens come with:

  • 2-year genetic health guarantee
  • 72-hour guarantee against FIV/FeLV
  • First & second FVRCP vaccinations
  • Multiple dewormings
  • First flea & ear mite prevention
  • Health record
  • Genetic test results of parents
  • TICA registration only once we have received a receipt of alter
  • Baby blanket with mother’s scent

Pet Kittens

$1500 – $1800

The adoption fee for one of our pet-quality kittens

All kittens sold as pets go home with spay and neuter contracts.

“Pet-quality” are just kitten that are mismark or have a physical trait that is not consistent with TICA’s Ragdoll Breed Standard. Although they won’t be “show quality”, pet-quality kittens are still beautiful and have the excellent Ragdoll temperament.

Show-Alter Kittens

$2000 – $2600

The adoption fee for one of our show-quality kittens

All kittens sold as show-alters go home already spayed or neutered.

“Show-quality” means that the kitten is has correct coloring, semantical markings, and is the ideal Ragdoll according to the Ragdoll Breed Standard. These kitten are selected because they are almost perfect depictions of the breed in color, structure, temperament, and size. Show-quality kittens come with show rights, but they are not required to participate in cat shows and can be purchased as pets at this higher price.


NOT Available

We are extremely selective on who we home with breeding rights and usually are those who participate in local cat shows. We do not place kittens as “breeders.” Our main goal is to find loving pet homes for each of our kittens and maintain the written standard of the Ragdoll breed.

Deposit + Payment

Once born each kitten requires a $500 nonrefundable for reservation, which will be deducted from the total cost of the kitten.

For final payment, we accept Cash. We do not accept personal checks. The total balance for your kitten must be paid before delivery or at pickup in cash.

Past Kittens

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