Your New Ragdoll

Congratulations on your new baby kitten! Now its time to get ready for a playful little fluff ball that will bring endless love and entertainment into your home. The best place for a new kitten to adjust is a quiet environment. Place your kitten in a bathroom or in a small, quiet area of your home so he or she does not get overwhelmed and isolated from other pets. The kitten’s food, water, and litter box should be ready in this quiet area before he or she arrives.

List of Supplies For Your New Kitten!


Kitten Care Guide

This is an excellent book to learn more about Ragdolls and about bringing your ragdoll kitten home.

Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

Please bring a pet carrier for your kitten to travel home in. This is a great soft-sided pet carrier and it will come in handy when taking your kitten to the vet.


Dry Food

This is the dry food we feed our cats and kittens. All of our cats love this food and it is perfect immune support, skin & coat health and heart care.


Silicon Place Mat

The silicone mat is flexible, waterproof, and easy to clean. Simply rinse in the sink with warm soapy water, wipe with a cloth.


Elevated Cat Bowls

Raised cat bowls have the right height allowing the cat to eat in a more natural neck-position and swallow easily.


Jumbo Litter Box

This is one of the best litter boxes for large Ragdolls.



This is our favorite litter that our kittens start using around 10-12 weeks old. It clumps quickly, absorbs odor well and does not have any added fragrances.


Litter Scoop

This large litter scoop is a excellent investment and extremely durable.


Cat Litter Mat

This two-layers trapper mat can reduce the amount of litter tracked in the house.


Cat Tree

If your kitten has their own furniture to scratch, he or she is less likely to scratch your furniture. I recommend looking around for a cat tree you like!


Scratching Post

Cats and kittens need to scratch their claws. A scratching post is one of the most important items you will buy for them. It is extremely important have scratching post available in multiple area of your home.



This cordless vacuum is an absolutely necessity. It makes a huge difference in decreasing the amount of cat hair around the house. It is perfect for furniture and flooring.



Toys are a must for kittens! I recommend collecting a few different toys before welcoming your new kitten home. My cats love the cat toy attached to a stick.

Auto Water

Cats are not intaking enough water. Auto water is an excellent choice to insure you always have water. But please note that cats like clean fresh water and this will need to be cleaned daily/weekly depending on your cat.


Brush, Comb, and Deshedding Comb

Your kitten will require regular brushing, especially as he or she matures. I have tried many different brushes and this one is by far the best at de-shedding


Treats are a great way to practice positive reinforcement with your kitten. These freeze-dried treats are a favorite of my cats and kittens!

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions!

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