Should I Declaw?


To accomplish the declawing the vet must amputate the entire first digit of each toe. It is unnatural and inhumane. In most cats it will turn them into biters, as their only means of self defense is removed.

Jazmine use to support declawing but now we both suggest to not declaw. By personal experience, she can tell you that a cat with out claws is not safe and is unable to protect themselves appropriately.

Alternative to Declawing

All our cats will not be declawed and we raise all of our kittens on natural cedar post and rough sisal rope scratching posts. Our goal to start early with an appropriate location to exercise natural scratching behavior. By using these alternative and not carpeted post, our cats and kittens learn the difference from carpet on the floor, the fabric on the furniture, and their designated scratching post. Always be prepared to begin training early with your kitten as to where and what is acceptable to use as a scratching post.

You can also check out this site written by a Veterinarian on declawing.

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